Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tangle Card Challenge #4 - Kaleido

Sandra Steen Bartholomew has a new tangle this week for her Tangle Card Contest and I think she might have had me in mind when she decided to give us a simpler tangle to work with this week.

This is the Tangle Card with Kaleido stepped out.


She suggests that the pattern made after drawing the "grid" can be used as a string and the spaces can be filled with tangles.  Well that intrigued me and off I went.  

I started with a circle to pay homage to a kaleidoscope, although I am not really sure what Sandra named it after but, it reminded me of one. My straight lines I used vertically (just because I could) and my curvy any-which-way lines kind of crossed the straight ones.  I should have taken a before picture, sorry. I filled in the Printemps with sepia .005 Micron and was going to leave the alternate spaces white but, then looking at it, a black pattern was asking to be drawn. The end result reminds me of fine Japanese paper.

I could not find the black pattern named anywhere but I have the same pattern on my soy sauce dishes used for sushi:

If anyone out there has a name for it please let me know!


  1. Nice work (though I think there should be horizontal straight lines in the kaleido pattern). The pattern you are asking about looks a bit like one called 'feathers', or one called 'fscales'. 'scallops' is on the same principle. I think it's a fish scale pattern but I could not find a zen deconstruction.

    And the pattern you've used as kaleido might be one called 'cracked'.

    But what does it matter? Your drawing is beautiful!

  2. Agree with Faith very similar to the ones she mentioned. The pattern on the plate looks like Sandy Bartholow's Zazzle in Totally Tangled. There's also a pattern from Zentangle - Tagh - similar concept. Don't think it has been published yet.

  3. . . . and yes it's a beautiful piece very calming and reflective.