Saturday, February 28, 2015

Challenge #206 Tangling with new tools

I must admit, I think I have to much on my plate as I am not getting to all the things I had planned for this long hard winter. I did not take into account that the simple task of walking the dog would become harder and take much longer in the winter muck. Driving to the store or even taking the train for errands takes up so much time in the winter snow and ice. I find I am starting to remove some things off my list but also have added "going to the gym" daily as a must do, so some good things are happening.

Our challenge this week is to use other tools then what we are used to for tangling. I believe it was at the Last Tangle U in Portland Maine that Marie Browning from Tombow had taught us to use black tiles with a stylus and colored pencils. I have not revisited that since so I thought it might be a good time to try it again. Color is always and issue for me, so I am not very pleased with the final result and the scan of this tile does not represent it's true colors, but I do believe the more I do the better I will get. Experiment and "grow my color muscle" so to speak.

The celtic knot was one borrowed from Jean Chamberlin Theurkauf's blog post on Celtic knots
And the background is printemps. Design was "drawn" on with a stylus then color with Irojiten pencils was added over it. You can see Marie's work HERE

Friday, February 20, 2015

Challenge #205 Lunar New Year

This years Lunar New Year is a bit confusing. Some say it is the year of the goat, others say the sheep. I don't like conflict so I just went with a sparkly lantern which did not scan very sparkly. You will have to trust me.

Black and red micron, gold and red Gelly Roll star pens.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Weekly Challenge #204 "Valentangle"

Well it is February and we are snowed under. Here in Boston we have had record amounts of snow for the year with more to come. Valentines day should be a bright spot in all this cold and confusion, but I have never bought into this holiday. My husband, thinking he is being cute says, "every day is valentines day!" We also know this is not true. I do like the idea of brightening things up with a touch of red. My red pen hardly gets much use so it was juicy with ink and a pleasure to draw with.

I did find it intriguing that the Diva used a tan Zendala tile and with the use of red made it look very pretty so I got stuck on that idea. My first tile I did on a 3.5" square tan tile and the only thing I really liked about it was how the red hearts with the highlights looked so striking.

Flux, Bumper, Rain, Dragonair, Bleeding hearts, Scribble hearts

Since I have many tan Zendala tiles and almost never use them (because I really don't know how to start), I visited my favorite artists blog and got some inspiration from her on a post about spirals. This tile took me what seemed to be forever to finish with all its detail and Zendala space, but it was fun to do and I really like the results, hearts and all.

Mooka (sort of),  Marasu, Diva Dance Scrible hearts, red pearlz

Thank you, Margaret for letting me take your "style" out for a spin. It was a wonderful ride!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Weekly Challenge #203: Athitzi by Seven

One thing, of many, that I love about Zentangle, is that our community is so large that I have met many people from around the world just because we share the love of tangling. The tangle chosen for this week comes from Germany created by Seven and it's name is Athitzi. It is a tangle that is very simple and mesmerizing to draw. I was unsure where to go with this, but I had a tracing of a stencil I purchased from Jenny Perruzzi (Acadia Laser Creations) that was just sitting on my desk waiting to be finished. You can buy Stencils (or rather Zencils!) from Jenny here.

I had fun with this tangle and will defiantly keep it in my "go to" tangles.