Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Challenge #115  Earth Day

So many Organic tangles, I don't have room to fit them all in.  Be kind to one another and to our Mother Earth.

Oakie, bumper, cruffle, zinger, frondous, verdigogh, mooka, fescu, cat-kin, ahh, co2, raindotty, chainlea.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Challenge #114 "Stars

It has been some time since I have posted and much has happened.  The worst and foremost being the bomb explosion at the Boston Marathon, Monday April 15th.  I live in the city and can see the finish line from my condo so I usually don't put myself in the middle of the crowds, as I prefer to walk a city street unchallenged.  Boston has been transformed overnight and my heart now understands just a little bit better how New York felt after 9/11.

With this challenge of Stars my mind goes to those that lost their lives and limbs in this twisted event and also to our "star" whom my family lost almost 2 years ago now, our son and brother, Austin, who lost his life to Leukemia in May 2011 at the age of 24.  I know what it is like to loose someone you love very quickly and thinking prior to this, that nothing like this would never happen to us. Sometimes it does.

Feathers, CO2 (my stars)

In the aftermath of the bombing on Tuesday our youngest son, Dylan joined my husband, dog and I on a walk along the Esplanade to smell the blooming Magnolia trees and get away from the helicopters and sirens that now rule the city.  On our walk along the Charles River, with it's pleasant views and the comfort of being close to one another,  I had looked down twice as a feather was at the tip of my shoe.  Looking back, one was black the other white. Good and Evil?  We are birds of the same feather.  I see these feathers as messages from my departed son.  Be good to one another!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weekly Challenge #112 "Tuxedo"

In this weeks challenge I added to the tuxedo tangle challenge, which you can find here on the very talented LeeAnn's Zentagling-fun site, by using a second new tangle and a cool shading technique introduced by the wonderful Emily Classon on her blog.  Well, challenges are to introduce you to new things all of which you do not necessarily master on your first try.  Here is a good example, my first try at all three:

schway, tuxedo, folded tile technique

Not yet the master, but happily on my way!  Enjoy your week.  My husband and I are off to NYC for four days starting Saturday morning!  Hope we have good weather and some relaxing fun.