Saturday, September 26, 2015

Challenge #236 Tangle something new!

I am way behind in this challenge although I love it and will keep it in mind for the future.

I have been busy cleaning house, having guests, a lot of fun, and packing up to move back to Boston tomorrow. This is always a sad time for me because I hate to leave Maine but, I keep reminding myself I will be back next month. Yay!

So, my rule is, I don't get to look at the results of the Diva challenge before I finish my project. I was not that creative and I didn't even finish but I am posting anyway so I can see what glorious things others have done.

My original intent with the rocks was to write a symptom, or emotion, or even a name of a person that you might want out of your life. When you feel that you have been successful with removing  it, then the action of throwing the stone away makes it complete. The only word I came up with, for me was envy, as you can see on one of the rocks. Anyway, rocks and glass and shells have been done before, so I grabbed my shopping list and divided it into sections. That unfortunately is as far as I have gotten. I leave tomorrow with still much to do. So I submit my incomplete challenge items:

Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Challenge #235 Stripes

I will be honest with you, when I sat down to do this challenge Monday, I said to myself "Lets see if we can get this done in 15 minutes." Here it is Wednesday and I am finally posting.

My title took off in a direction I seemed to have no control over. When I realized how complicated it was getting I got up and walked away. How could quick look like this? Well, it doesn't.

I practically ignored it all day Tuesday because I was a bit angry at it to say the least. I sat down with it today after a nice morning on the beach with my best dog. The end result is not bad. I will try again to make a tile within 15 minutes, not sure they exist anymore.

My entry for this week:

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Challenge #234 CanT

Hurray for Chris Titus! This is her tangle this week which is our challenge. I was attending CanTangle, organized by the fabulous Lisa Heron, this past July in Regina Canada, and I can attest to the fact that Chris was in the last row, back corner seat and she was quiet as a mouse for the longest time ever!

This is a fabulous tangle and as many will say, versatile! Ha! that is not a pun. I took some pictures along the way because I am still stuck on Yin Cut and I am afraid it might have drowned out CanT but it is a great look together (I think).

This is CanT in one of it's variations.

This is CanT with Yin cut in it!

This is CanT with Yin Cut and shading.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Challenge #233 "Zenith"

It is so nice to have the Diva back from vacation. Did you see I met her! It was very exciting. She is a hoot and she was successful at even getting me to dance, well, chair dance. It's a thing! Ask the Diva.

The newest tangle from Zentangle Headquarters is Zenith. You can find step outs HERE. It is a fairly easy tangle to draw but I believe the tangelations may be far reaching. I never look at the entries at before I finish my tile, but I bet there will be at least 100 different styles.

Here is my entry for this week:

Because I booked myself up for so many things this year I have started to combine my challenges. This weeks Square One tangle is yincut. So here Zenith is the border to yincut the center.