Friday, September 27, 2013

Weekly Challenge #137: "Duotangle - Knights over Tipple"

The Challenge this week is to use Knightsbridge, here is an awesome example by Margaret Bremner in all its glory:

And Tipple. Here is a recent example of my own work:


And here is my "Knights over Tipple"

As per a suggestion from Margaret Bremner I have added black background to my "black" squares. I really like it. Thank you, Margaret!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Weekly Challenge #136: "Colour Colour Everywhere"

I made my move from Maine to Boston this past week and I feel a little discombobulated. My arty things are still in boxes and I need a bit of time to get re-established in my condo digs. So, already feeling a bit out of it, along comes a color challenge! Yay!  All of I could think of after a week of contemplation was "color blocks." Easy, fun.

Tipple, Verve, Printemps, Paradox Quabog, Yincut
watercolors, black micron.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Weekly Challenge #135: New Official Tangle "Well"

An official new tangle Well. I had only time to play with this new tangle in my sketch book when it first was introduced. Thinking I would be able to do a tile later I did not enter this into the challenge. It is now the end of the week and yet no tile! Ack! So, here is my sketch. I am always looking for tangles that fit into the sphere. I think this one fits fairly well. (Idid not plan that pun).

Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekly Challenge #134: UMT #XX "Beamz - by Traci F

The tangle in this weeks challenge is Beamz which you can find steps outs to HERE. This is an interesting tangle which weaves itself across the page. My instinct was to try and tame it. As I have been playing with frames lately I choose to corral it into a straight line. It reminds me of those heavy wooden frames or ceiling molding:


Well, here is my work for this challenge:

Beamz & Bellinno

Bellinno was found on Pinterest and step outs can be found HERE.