Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Challenge #239 White on Black starring Munchin

I used the diva's idea of applying black gesso over a white tile because I had two white tiles that I really did not like the final results of. I had never thought of using the black gesso over a white tile before because I have black tiles, but this is a good recycling method. I also really like the texture of the gesso.

Munchin and pixioze

Second tile sing black gesso over white tile

Friday, October 2, 2015

Challenge #237 Using Stencils and Color

Our guest challenger this week is Charlotte Carpentier CZT and her business is CharKat’s Creative Insanity, in Temecula, California. Her creative challenge this week is to use stencils and color of any kind and tangle on top of the result.  I don't have a lot of stencils and the one I chose has very small spaces.

The first tile I wanted to use turmeric in a spray bottle but, I found that you cannot get rid of the tiny granules even after heating it. So I used a makeup wedge and just dabbed it on the tile. After it dried I covered it with my  stencil and used blue watercolor to outline the stencil. Not very happy with it, but it is a good exercise to work with what you have.

The second one I did, I loved the color so much I didn't want to cover it up so I tangled behind.

My favorite thing to do is use inks or watercolor and blow them across the page and then tangle them. This is a recent ATC swap with blown watercolor.