Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Challenge #120 Tangleation Nation; Bales

How much fun to think of just one tangle and expand on it.  Well, I put tangles inside of tangles.  Is it still a tangleation?  No rules in Zentangle, but maybe not quite what the Diva had in mind.  I still had  fun with this and it has also helped me find some direction on a ZIA I have been thinking about doing. I will post on that later.

Even though the growing grass and unplanted garden are screaming at me to pay attention to them, I was able to block that out of my mind and eye long enough to complete two tiles. Different from each other, but both were fun and relaxing.

Bales, Yincut

Bales, Buttercup

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A New Frontier

Yes, I have gone to see the new Star Trek movie, Into Darkness, with my husband.  I am not a trekkie, but sometimes we do things for others to make them happy.  I enjoyed the movie even if my mind was wondering to things I enjoy more.

My "new frontier" is watercolor.  Watercolor with Tombow markers to be more exact.  I took a class with Marie Browning and have been fascinated ever since.  I tried out the markers on this Lotus flower that will be a gift for a friend and I was thrilled with how it came out.  I was a bit leary to tangle over it, but with help from some amazing Zentangle teachers/friends I found my way to finish this flower.  I did not want to distract from the colors to much, but in my world everything should be tangled.  I do like the outcome.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Challenge #119 "Ebony and Ivory"

Black and white.  Basics, right?  This challenge was such and eyeopener for me.  I had never thought to make a tile in which black space and white space were evenly distributed.  This challenge came from the Zentangle blog and the lovely Diva.  Thank you for combining forces. Along the way I have seen many new possibilities which I will need to play with in the coming days or weeks.

I completed a tile that I had started a while back, but had lost focus in.  It was sitting on my desk in front of me when this challenge came along.  I knew where I had to take it. Here is my Ebony and Ivory.  So much fun.

Schway,Verve, Tri Cube, Yincut, Black Micron, White Sakura Gelly Roll

I neglected to shade the original piece, so I have shaded and reposted.  I am not sure if it has made that much of a difference, but now I feel it is completed. :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Challenge #118 Kuke

The challenge from the Diva this week is to use Katy Abbot's tangle "Kuke".  You can see her post here and instructions for her "cool" tangle.

My first tile was a literal interpretation of her discovery (cucumber on the floor) so it is Kuke on Florz. Haha! I used a tile I had colored with background techniques from Marie Brownings  Time To Tangle with Colors book this past weekend. This is a salty-splash background using TomBow markers and the colors were just right for a Kuke.

Kuke and Florz

Since the "Y" in the string reminded me of a Tripoli Tangleation I used a black tile and Pentel Slicci pens in silver and blue to finish a second tile.  The Slicci pens are very smooth and a pleasure to work with.  

Tripoli with Kuke, Fescu

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Wonderful World Wide Web! 

On a recent You Tube search for the use of TomBow Makers I came across a blog called The Rainbow Elephant.  I was inspired by her post on Repeat Pattern Stacks.  I started playing with stacking patterns, but fell in love with stone and rock stacks.  Anticipating the gardening season in Maine I soon combined Meredith Yuhas PhD. Organic Garden techniques with the stacked patterns.  I do love the results.

Try this stacking technique with any tangle.  The more off center the better!

Flux, Cat-Kin, Henna Drum, Zinger, Fescu, Vigne

Monday, May 6, 2013

Challenge #117 "Schway"

Schway is such a big bold tangle I left it on it's own and filled with Verve.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A little something for my son on his 24th birthday.  Happy Birthday Dylan!

Unryu fine paper 25"x18", brown and black micron, Copada, Vega, Shattuck, Flux, Tagh, Ragz, Fescu, Meer, Verve, Hibred, Diva Dance, quilt leaves, 'Nzeppel

Friday, May 3, 2013

Challenge #116 "Blind Sighted"

Mondays challenge was to close your eyes and make a string.  My string is what I call my one loop wonder.  This right hand of mine has a memory of this loop that will be hard to erase.  I should now try one with my left hand, but I have had too many challenges already this week.  I will save that thought for another time.

this is very faint, I hope you can see it.

Pane and Pinch