Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Gathering = Beachy Business cards

My husband and I had a wonderful weekend visit with a colleague of his and her two adorable boys.  One day we spent on the island across the sound from us playing on the beach and being "cavemen" in a fort made from washed up beach items.  The fort gets larger as the summer wears on but it is already equipped with four "walls, " a roof, a swing, a tire and bones of some sort that had us all guessing!

I busied myself with gathering shells, stones and seaglass, which is my other Zen practice.  It just makes me happy to find those beautiful pieces of smooth glass washed so well by the ocean.

After washing and drying the shells well, I began to tangle on them to return them to the island for someone else to find.  But, I thought, why not give myself a plug and wrote my blog address there too!  I will coat them with acrylic and send them on their way.  Who knows what they will bring back to me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


When this tangle was first shared by Mimi Lempart on I was drawn to it.  It is flowing and interlaced and draws you under and over and then Rick introduced a simpler pattern that just thrilled me too.  I wanted to start doing "installations" and Mi2 seemed to be my muse but, I neglected to realize that choosing to incorporate black pearls would take a lifetime.  I put it aside.

With Mi2 being the Challenge this week, I unrolled my 20.5" x 30.5" piece of Lokta Natural paper and am determined to finish it before weeks end.  I will show you my start and will repost a final shot later in the week.  With company coming for the weekend and much to do, we will see what happens.

Deadlines are a good thing? Must learn to "biggify."

Well, here we have the finished product below.  I got a bit stuck on Springkle, it is a very addictive pattern once you start.  I also shaded more with a medium grey colored pencil for more definition.  I find on the Lokta paper it is harder to "smudge" your shade lines so the colored pencil was key.  This was a lot of fun once I had a fire under me.  Sometimes it takes a extra push to get your project done. 


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Olympic Spirit, Zentangle Fashion

The 2012 Olympics will be played in London July 27- August 12 this year.  Rho Densmore challenged us to use the symbol of the olympics created by Pierre de Coubertin in 1984.  The five interlocking rings colored, blue, black, red, yellow, green, and white background are colors in which at least one appears every national flag at this time.

Thanks for the Challenge Rho!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tangle Jar!

I was the lucky one to win Sandy Hunters Tangle Jar!

I received my tangle jar from Sandy the beginning of last week but things have been a bit busy for me and I found no time to post until now.  New respect for the Diva!

It is as pleasing to look at as it is to use.  So much inspiration is contained in this little round bellied baby, it is amazing.  Sandy has tangled on shrink plastic and made charms for the jar as well as decorated it with beautiful paper adornments.  You can read Tangle Jar deconstructed on Sandy's blog here to explain all the wonderful features she has incorporated into this little invention.


this is my challenge result for Auraknot.  This is a really fun tangle. Enjoy your week!