Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Gathering = Beachy Business cards

My husband and I had a wonderful weekend visit with a colleague of his and her two adorable boys.  One day we spent on the island across the sound from us playing on the beach and being "cavemen" in a fort made from washed up beach items.  The fort gets larger as the summer wears on but it is already equipped with four "walls, " a roof, a swing, a tire and bones of some sort that had us all guessing!

I busied myself with gathering shells, stones and seaglass, which is my other Zen practice.  It just makes me happy to find those beautiful pieces of smooth glass washed so well by the ocean.

After washing and drying the shells well, I began to tangle on them to return them to the island for someone else to find.  But, I thought, why not give myself a plug and wrote my blog address there too!  I will coat them with acrylic and send them on their way.  Who knows what they will bring back to me.


  1. These are just wonderful, I would love to find one on our beach here in Florida.

    1. If you found one in Florida, that would thrill me!

  2. These are beautiful. And in true zentangle fashion I am sure they will find those hearts and minds that for their own unique reasons need to find you and zentangle :)