Monday, August 17, 2015

Challenge #231 Undulating Tangles!

I had the opportunity and pleasure to take a class from Sharla Hicks at the last Tangle U. Although her main subject was using a pastel blue pencil she also reiterated the use of "enhancers" which I am not doing frequently enough. So I pulled out her class notes and looked them over.

I am a lover of any tangle that is circles or circle related. I didn't think I had a C or an S shape tangle that I loved. It did not take me long to think of Verve and realized I could make it curvy if i really tried.

As I am trying to catch up on many projects I started playing in my Tangle-A-Day-Calender. It has become my sketch book in a sense, as it is a great place to try things out and no one sees it unless you offer it up. I will offer it up today.

Things got curvier as I went along and I also tried out a couple of enhancers. I really liked the last one so decided to try a tile with weighted line enhancer. I might have gone overboard with the shading, but it was screaming out for it. I hate conflicts, so shading it got.

Thank you Sharla for a great challenge!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Challenge #230 Guest Star Erin Olsen!

The Diva (Laura Harms has been away for a while on a well deserved vacation from her blog with her adorable family). We have missed her in the past weeks, although I did meet up with her at CanTangle in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada. She blew my socks off with her danc'n and pranc'n and having a good ole time with the Zentangle. She is a lovely soul with a different take on how things could be done. I respect that and even had a few dance moves myself, even if they were from the chair. They count!

So Erin Olson was a guest blogger this week.  She has her own site that mainly has to do with Zendalas. You can find her at, where she will challenge you to stretch and find some fun with her templates.  This weeks template is here:

And this is what I did with it.

I have been a little obsessed with Margaret Bemners new tangle Pixioze , and of course I could not leave out Diva Dance Rock and Roll and a bit of Screen.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Sum Sum Summer time!

So, I have been absent from this blog for almost two months now, but I have not been idle. In early July I traveled to Calgary Alberta and attended two days of Stampede. Cowboys and girls dancing in the streets, free pancake breakfasts all over the city, mini donuts, saw the inside of Native American Teepees and all their gorgeous hand crafts and clothing, had my picture taken with some very handsome Mounties, and throughly enjoyed being hosted by a Sandra and her husband Barry.

I was traveling with another friend, Chris, so after our fill of fairway food and fun we hit the road to see the sights of Banff.

Lake Louise

Lake Moraine

Takakkaw Falls

We also took a gondola ride up to the top of Sulfur Mountain and saw just so many mountain peaks, and the little town below.

Fear not, we even made time for a soak in the hot springs, which we did only after a complete salt body scrub and an hour massage (my first one!).

One draw back to the time spent in Banff, which this is the ONLY one, was a not so nice hotel that's only redeeming feature was a liquor store located in the lobby. Already looking back and laughing.

Our whole purpose of being in Canada in the first place was to attend CanTangle, which was held in Regina, Saskatchewan, which is about a 7 hour drive east

It being mostly prairie there was not a ton to see. Although we were all fascinated by the fields of canola growing beside the highway.

We were to early in the season to see the flax growing, but we were told it is a beautiful blue.

CANTANGLE! This post is already quite long and we all know what a joy it is to be in a room with like minded people for a full weekend. The time spent was fabulous and I won't be able to say enough here. I will show you just some of the wonderful people I met and saw again!
 Laura Harms

 Margaret Bremner

Hostess with the mostess, Lisa Heron and umbrella wearing sidekick, Helen

 Linda, Sandra and Cris

 Brenda and Marty

The Bette's