Saturday, September 26, 2015

Challenge #236 Tangle something new!

I am way behind in this challenge although I love it and will keep it in mind for the future.

I have been busy cleaning house, having guests, a lot of fun, and packing up to move back to Boston tomorrow. This is always a sad time for me because I hate to leave Maine but, I keep reminding myself I will be back next month. Yay!

So, my rule is, I don't get to look at the results of the Diva challenge before I finish my project. I was not that creative and I didn't even finish but I am posting anyway so I can see what glorious things others have done.

My original intent with the rocks was to write a symptom, or emotion, or even a name of a person that you might want out of your life. When you feel that you have been successful with removing  it, then the action of throwing the stone away makes it complete. The only word I came up with, for me was envy, as you can see on one of the rocks. Anyway, rocks and glass and shells have been done before, so I grabbed my shopping list and divided it into sections. That unfortunately is as far as I have gotten. I leave tomorrow with still much to do. So I submit my incomplete challenge items:

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Your rocks are beautiful. Did you use your usual pens or do you have special ones?

    1. Regular microns. I will seal them with a clear varnish so they will last.

  2. I like your little pebbels. Nearly all found papers are worth doing some thing with them like the sales check. Did you erver try the little envelops covering teabags?We'll never run out of stuff :)

  3. Lovely pebbles and a pretty (even unfinished) shopping list. I always take a tangled pebble when I visit the grave of my best friends youngest son, who was killed in a car-crash 11 years ago when he was 17. Taking a pebble to a grave is a Jewish habit to remember the eternal bond between you and the love one. At least, that's what i was told and I love that thought and the gesture.

  4. What a wonderful idea you have of getting rid of the negative by throwing the stone. It is a shame to lose the beautiful tangles, though. I also really love the custom Annie describes of using a pebble as a remembrance tribute to a lost one. I think we humans have been doing these things since prehistoric days. It's good to do those basic things that connect us to all humans past and present.

  5. Love the idea of throwing the rocks away. Don't know it I could bare it, to throw the piece of sea glass away! It's to pretty! :)