Thursday, August 8, 2013


So it has been said, by Maria (Thomas) I believe, that if you can tangle you can border.  Well sure, that makes sense except, when I go to "border" something this voice way in the back of my head says, "are you sure you know how to do that?" I thought I had silenced that voice but, no, it is still there.

Today it was again rainy and quiet so I thought I would take borders/frames on.  I am starting simply by drawing just two parallel straight lines and filling them in.  It was a nice exercise and I like how the page looks now that it is full.  I will continue with this on other pages and see if I can't just quite that little voice down a little bit more.

Meer, Purk, Sheenwaz, Vega, Chainlea, Snail, Tripoli

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