Saturday, August 10, 2013


I was inspired to try some new techniques out this week and the inspiration came from some left over iced coffee in the bottom of a jug.

My husband and I invited some friends to visit us in Maine for a weekend to celebrate birthdays, catch up with one another and engage in some shenanigans.  All was accomplished!  One of our guests owns the  1369 Coffee House in Inman Square Cambridge MA, awarded the Best of Boston Coffee House 2013 (among other past awards), and he brought his very delicious iced coffee with him!  It comes in this incredible jug:

We imbibed all weekend but there was a bit left in the bottom of the jug so.................

The techniques I wanted to try out were rubber cement resist, coffee staining, tangled numbers, and framing or bordering.  I have managed to get them all into this project which highlights 1369 Coffee House.  I took about 10 hours, off and on, and I find the end result worth it.

I may have to start a "Stained" series. Hmmmm


  1. Oh, WOW! Visually delicious! This is a gorgeous piece. I love the story behind it and the use of coffee as a major design component. I am also blown away by the tangleation of tripoli in the border...I've never seen it used that way. Thanks for creating and sharing!

  2. Love, LOVE this, Debra! The coffee stain, the resist, the border, the creative tangled numerals...all perfect. I'd so love to see your process with the coffee stain and the rubber cement resist. A tutorial? Yes, please!!