Friday, March 8, 2013

Get Out'a Town

Early Thursday morning I dognapped my husbands dog and drove north just as the first snow flakes were falling from the sky.  This is not always a wise thing to do because usually, what Boston gets Maine will get too and visa versa.  This time I was fortunate and today we have only a dusting of snow, power, sunshine and mild temps (44ºF).

With a quiet house and a very tired and sore dog, he gets his run of the woods and is gone for hours at a time, I whiled away the morning tangling. My mind wonders occasionally to my husband who has to navigate his way through the slippery conditions to work and back, but I must say it has been a beautiful morning for me and his dog.

Auraknot, Bunzo, Mooka, BTL Joos, Marasu

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