Sunday, March 3, 2013


Zentangle® sells and ensemble of 9 pre-strung tiles in sets of 2.  One has curvy lines and the other straight lines.  These are my first four tiles of the curvy set.  It is suggested that you work on one tile and hide the rest.  I could not bring myself to do that since I like a little control on what the finished ensemble would look like.  Maybe I will let go a bit and try it on the next one.

Tile #1 (upper left corner) Opus, Tripoli, Quabog
Tile #2 (middle left) Zander, Florz, Tripoli, Quabog
Tile #3 (lower left) 'Nzeppel, Beelight, Henna Drum, Purk
Tile #4 Quabog, Tripoli, Demi,Paradox

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