Friday, July 26, 2013

Tangle Card Challenge #3 - Ballenchain

This weeks contest tangle from Sandra Steen Bartholomew is Ballenchain.  See how she came to name this quilting pattern turned tangle here. And here is the Tangle Card:


I actually sighed when I saw this tangle this morning because I have been avoiding it for what I thought was it's complexity and it's busyness. So, up early anyway, I brought out my sketch book to give it a try.  Talk about busyness!  I tried out many ideas, all of which came from Sandy's books Totally Tangled and Yoga For Your Brain. The Tangle Card Packs will be an easy, totable way to have these tangles at your finger tips.

Here is what I played with this morning.  I will post my contest entry later.

Ballenchain, Buoy, ButNZ, Buttercup, Dingbat Heaven designs,(page 26
Totally Tangled, Lacy, Treasure, Omega, Chic

Anyone can enter this contest just post your tangle to Have fun!

With all my excitement about this wonderful tangle I managed to leave myself very little time to tangle an entry for this weeks contest.  To top it off, I was a bit cocky when I did sit down to do it, thinking I knew this tangle and didn't need to step outs in front of me.  Oh how those tangle cards would have come in handy!

Anyway, I managed to place a square on every intersection instead of every other and started to connect them.  When things started connecting oddly I realized what I had done.  Oh well,best laid plans and all, I just went with it.  No mistakes right, just a new tangleation.

Here is what I ended up with.  I did not add much to it because there is already so much gong on. Still pretty to look at.

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