Thursday, July 25, 2013

Weekly Challenge #128: Two-Pencil String

The Challenge this week from the Diva was to make a string with two pencils instead of one.  After drawing several strings in the "ribbon fashion" and not being moved by any of them I put a block eraser in-between the pencils to give me a bit more room to tangle and drew straight lines crossing each other.

I am feeling a bit over whelmed this week so I think the straight lines appealed to me.  Everything in order....kind of.

Newell and Prestwood


  1. I like it. Good use of the 2 patterns.

  2. Very nice! I've put an eraser between the pencils too! I agree, sometimes ribbons are just too close together.

  3. A great design with beautiful tangles. I like it going up and down!

  4. Your tile has a lovely composition! Nicely done!