Saturday, January 24, 2015

Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable.

The prompt this week for our journal group was to try your hand at something that you struggle with, are afraid to do, is not your "Mac 'n Cheese" go to thing.

One of my goals this year was to become comfortable with hand lettering. I don't want it to be perfect but, I do want it to be nice to look at. So with the recommendation of the talented Sandy Bartholomew I purchased this book for myself, The Hand-Lettering Ledger by Mary Kate Mcdevitt.

So I decided that this was a good time to start with lesson one "Serif." Serif refers to a small line, flourish or embellishment trailing from the main stroke of a letter. Aside from a decorative element, serifs were added to augment the legibility of the letters.

Here is my page for my journal:

I even drew the cup! who knew it was in me. This book contains eleven lessons, lots of space to practice in and many tips that encourage and enhance your style. Lots of fun to be had. Thanks Sandy!

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