Sunday, January 4, 2015

And so it begins........

This is my first entry in my 2015 Tangle Journal. I now belong to a Certified Zentangle Teachers group that was formed out of some frustration.  Joining other journal sites was exciting but usually got abandoned somewhere through the year because they usually focused on things to far from what we know and that is Zentangle. Hence, Our Tangled Lives was formed in a closed Facebook group that 150 lucky CZT's are members. Our goal is to complete one entry a week for a year! And so it begins.....

Our first entry was setting an intention for the year. Choose a word that describes your intention and make a string of that word to tangle or do what ever you would like. Having such a diverse group there have been many unique beginnings and I have already started learning for others.

My intention for the year is Wellbeing, the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. I have let myself become lost in the last several years and that was ok, I needed to go through it, but now I am ready to change up a few things so that I will be comfortable, healthy and happy. I hope to achieve these goals buy giving up a few things, adding a few things and being very grateful for what I have in the present.

Here is my first entry:

It makes me happy just to look at it. Score!

For those of you who would like to know the names of the tangles, their names begin with the letter enclosing them. Wud, Emingle, Lacy, Borbz, Itch, 'Nzeppl, Girlande

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