Thursday, April 10, 2014

Weekly Challenge #162: "String Theory - Initial String"

I have not been in the "Zen" lately but, I finally managed to complete the challenge this week to use your initials as a string. I did two drawings, neither of which I like but, both of which I learned from. So all in all not a bad week. This is the string I started with:

This is the tangle I do not like:

Bunzo, Vega, Black Pearlz

This is my second try which, again I am not fully inthralled with:

Printemps, Enyshou, Scrolled Feather, Fescu, Mooka

Thank goodness Tangle U is just around the corner to give me some inspiration.


  1. I like them both but am partial to the second one. I like the highlighting. Have a good time at Tangle U. Someday maybe I will be able to go.

  2. Like Donald, I think they're both very nice but agree that the second one is particularly lovely - for me, it's how Printemps floats around and is done in two colours. I really like the effect. Axxx

  3. I like your second one very much, and there are some parts of the first that are great too, but I know how sometimes you finish a tile and just don't really like it.
    Hope to meet you in person at Tangle U! I am looking forward to it also!

  4. Both are lovely! Especially I like the second one! It´s wonderful and very elegant!

  5. I agree with Annie, printemps in the second one is great, the highlighting and the way they bubble up to the surface. Your letters look like needlework, with great shading and little highlighting, well done!