Friday, April 4, 2014

Weekly Challenge #161 Quandray

Quandary is a bit like tripoli, both of which feeds on itself and builds and builds. I am trying to do some larger work and I have sketch books of tan toned paper and gray toned paper that were calling to me this week. Still stuck on Spirals from last weeks challenge I created this one on gray:

Demi, Printemps, 'NZeppel

And for this weeks  quandray challenge this one on tan:

Quandray, Printemps


  1. What a totally cool use of Demi! Love it!

    1. Genevieve, I am totally in love with Demi! i will use it anywhere. Thank you very much for the Tangle.

  2. Both look great. Love the shading in the first one & the spiral is superb. I like the variations of Quandary you used in the second. I especially like tubular ones in black and white. have never seen that variation before.

  3. I love your Quandary variations. Both tiles are super.

  4. Both are really wonderful! Great shading and lovely variations of Quandary!