Sunday, February 3, 2013

Creative Common

My husband, son and I spent a beautiful three days in Maine this weekend.  We sat in front of the fire, played some games and watched some very cheesy Star Trek.  Well they did, I drew close by.

My son produces music under the name Creative Common which he refers to as an art collective.   He produces music, a friend produces video to accompany the music and others such as my self contribute with art.  Some of the things I have drawn have landed on the video screen.  I have not produced anything CC related in quite a while so I picked up my Micron pen and practiced my Tripoli tangle in his semi altered logo.  I have scanned it here and plan to play with it a bit more as time goes on as I need to learn more about Adobe Elements.

There is a penciled line outlining the letters which I may go back over with a Micron or just blend them to give a shadowed effect and I think it may need a bit of embellishment in the "center" of the Tripoli.

Anyway, I have added again to the CC collective and enjoyed some quite time while at it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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