Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Tangle  "Geisel"

I used this tangle back in November in the "no strings attached" challenge.  The holiday season has been a busy one so I apologize for not getting the step-outs up for this sooner.

A little back story.  After 30 years of caring for dogs, my dogs, family dogs, as a veterinary technician many dogs I decided no more dogs!  Well, my husband could not live without a dog in the house so in a moment of weakness I agreed and we now have Frankie.

Although Frankie is "technically" my husbands dog, yes you guessed it, I take care of him.  So we walk a lot as Frankie is a 40 pound muscle that really needs a good daily workout.  On one of our walks along the Charles River Esplanade the posts on a bridge caught my eye.

When I arrived home I started playing with these shapes and found a pleasing tangle that ended up looking Seuss-like.  I looked up Dr Seuss and found his real name to be Theodor Seuss Geisel.  I thought his last name to be unique and so it is that this tangle is named Geisel.

At long last the very simple step outs:

I hope you enjoy!

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