Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Challenge #285 Relax

I must admit that I practice Zentangle purely to benefit my self. I have no pressure to make lesson plans or to do anything that would take my Zen away. I do take part in the Diva's Challenges and weekly Focus's but, this is to get more ideas for new ways for my practice to take me. I feel very fortunate to be able to draw when and what I want when the feeling moves me. This tile is from Lynn Meads Zentwining  (http://atanglersmind.com/zentwining/ ). I had been introduced to it a while ago but recently just "got it.


  1. Love this tile and had not hear of Zentwining before although I have seen several tiles that look like they would fit the method. Really love the beautiful flow! 👍🤗

  2. Wow! Love your tile and thanks for sharing. I will try this out as it looks really fun!

  3. gorgeous :-) Gudrun S.

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