Thursday, March 26, 2015

Challenge #210 Spirals

I have been doing some catch up in my Tangle-a-Day calendar and I had chosen to draw a Michele Beauchamp inspired Marasu to fill up the days.

Then came Monday and a new challenge from the Diva to use a spiral! I am not sure I love it but it did help me try out Margaret Bremners,  Cubine and then some, in one tile. 

How is that for name dropping? I do hope to someday meet all these lovely ladies.


  1. Nice spirals. I like the cubine one with the different variations. Nice tight Marasu spiral.

  2. Ooh! I love both of these. But how cool to put cubine into the second one. Makes me want to dive in, It's like something from a science fiction novel, a doorway into an alternate universe. Wonderful!

  3. Wow, Debra, I love Cubine in your string; very well done.

  4. Great tiles, and great to hear where your inspirations come from!