Thursday, October 9, 2014

India Ink and what you may not see!

I have recently taken up india ink "splotches" as a way to spark some creativity that has been lacking lately. The method is simple and has probably been described many times but, simply you transfer some india ink with a straw onto paper (I am using a Fabriano Cold Press watercolor paper 140Lb) and then blow out the drop in any or every direction that it will go. The first one I made I did not take a photo before I started adding Zentangles but, I will tell you, both my husband and I thought that it was a very dark looking thing indeed. I added some red zentangle designs and added aura's here and there and I thought it looked a bit better. My son came to visit the next day and he came out of my room and said "I love your piglet!" I didn't know what he was talking about but, you will now see nothing else!

It is amazing to me that I did not see it before. Sorry for the horrible picture but, you get the idea. The next one my husband was anxious to see what developed because he thought it was much more "delicate." Here is the "splotch" before picture:

Well the lines may be delicate but I managed to make something "sinister" out of it. Yes I have a dark side! I am not sure it is done quite yet but here is a look:

This has been fun and it is a nice way to use India Ink as a string for Zentangle art work. I would encourage you to try it out.


  1. What a super idea! And I too love the piglet; however, you are right, having seen it, one cannot help but continue to see it! The bottom, spooky one, looks like an undersea scene, with a malevolent crab skulking around the bottom!

  2. wow, these are amazing. especially where you "gave it an aura". I can't see the piglet.

    1. I couldn't see it at first either! If you imagine the triangle at the top as an ear, the splotch to the left as a nose, eye in between. Then front and back legs on bottom. Does that help?