Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tangle University

I enjoyed four wonderful days in Portland Maine with fellow Certified Zentangle Teachers that came from South Africa, Netherlands, Latvia, Taiwan, Australia and all over the US and Canada who shared their ideas, taught classes, stayed up late into the night tangling together and of course we ate a lot!

First night started out with a fancy dinner at Hugo's Restaurant. So many tastings of wonderful food.

 Fluke Tartar
 Crabmeat Salad in compressed Apple and Tofu foam and Sea Moss
 Scallops wrapped in Nori with Pickled Daikon Radish
 Tempura Ramps
 Skate roasted yummy vegetables with a citrus oil and a smoked tomato sauce
 Meat of some kind (I am sorry I can't remember because I don't eat meat but it was enjoyed by a friend)
 Smoked Monkfish
 French toast with Carmel topping sitting atop hops
 Grapefruit sorbet, granola and egg yolk
Homemade Marshmallows, Lemon curd, and Torrone

All was very good and the waiter took our picture after every course was served. He also went to the kitchen and looked up Zentangle and was very interested. I wished we had had a tile to leave behind :(

From Pizza to seafood, we ate it all and had a wonderful time together. It always goes so fast but, we are already looking forward to Tangle U Santa Fe in 2015!

Fellow CZT Chris Titus then spent the next five days at our home in Round Pond Maine where we "mostly" played with our new supplies. What a lot of fun to have a fellow tangler in the house for many days. It was funny that most of our time we spent at the same table and did not speak a word for hours so engrossed in our projects we were. She is a wonderful cook and took care of the meals, was an awesome house guest and a really great friend. What follows are some pictures of our finished works. The colored piece alone took each of us a couple of days to complete and so much fun. The idea came from Marizaan van Beek who traveled from Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa to Canada for a visit, but took some time to teach a class before her journey to Tangle U. CZT's are a very generous group.

 Tangled and Colored with Tombow markers by Chris

Tangled and colored with Tombow markers by Me 

Zendala Lesson - Same string and instructions - different results.
 Above Chris's below Deb's

We had a mixture of some rainy days, some beautiful days, some windy days and several visits from eagles both young and old.  Quite a pleasurable week!

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  1. Love the vibrancy of the colored pieces, and the very different results on the zendala tiles!