Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Challenge #100 "Viva la Diva"

This weeks challenge is the diva's 100th and it is brought to us by Maria Thomas introducing a new tangle Diva-Dance.

I cannot thank Maria and Rick enough for giving me the tools I needed to relax and create and the Diva for caring enough about our Zentangle community to offer us weekly challenges which brings us together like a warm fuzzy family.

I want to share with you a portion of a newsletter from the Clean CEO & Team Founder, Dhru Purohit.

What's the difference between a struggle and a challenge?

A struggle is a burden.
A challenge is an opportunity.

A struggle is, "I can't wait for this to be done."
A challenge is, "I can't wait to see where this goes."

A struggle is being in one place, but needing to be in another.
A challenge is fully being where you are, not needing to be anywhere else.

A struggle is, "How can I get out?"
A challenge is, "What more can I give?"

A struggle is resistance.
A challenge is acceptance.

I hope in the New Year to make my "struggles" into "challenges."


  1. How wonderfully the dance of the Diva moves across your tile!

  2. Lets hope the new year has more challenges for you than struggles. I like your tile.

  3. Love your tile and your wonderful quote. Thanks for posting.

  4. Thanks for sharing the struggle and challenge words. Your tile is so simple and so beautiful.

  5. Like the way this wends its way across the tile.

  6. Thank you for sharing that great quote, it is so very appropriate. You dance with style and panache!

  7. Your tile is stunningly beautiful... I love the simplicity of the design, and the way it moves.

  8. Beautiful flow - lovely dance!

  9. Wow, you did a great job here! The dance is bold and beautiful.

  10. You like to dance, i can see that, i love it.

  11. The simplicity of your design makes your tile dance.

  12. Love the flow of this one. Simple yet strong effect.