Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I just returned from a 10 day visit to Rome, Naples and Venice Italy with my husband and son. It has been some time since we have been able to "get away" and have some fun, so it was a very special trip.

Italy is spectacular and I took so many pictures, but I thought I would share some "pattern" pictures here with you.  I did not tangle much while there, although I did pick up a coaster or two and tangled a simple pattern then left it behind for someone to find. I also managed to tangle all the way home in the plane which was very relaxing.  Here are some pattern pictures:

and here are my airplane tangles:

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Spectacular! Both the photos and the tiles. I've never been to Italy; I may have to start a bucket list. :)

  2. Margaret, Thank you. I found Italy very relaxing (well except Napoli, which was a really crazy fast paced city and I live in downtown Boston!). I think nine days without tangles caught up with me and I really needed to tangle.