Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I must confess I have journalphobia.  I find myself panicing when I put pen to a journal page thinking "what will I do if I make a mistake, or don't like what I have done?"  I am working on this phobia by starting with a class taught at the Cambridge Center For Adult Education called Vivid Journaling.

I want to share with you what I did the other day as an example of me at my best.  I started to write the word color and the third letter came out as an R, go figure!  I have no idea what happened, lack of focus, getting older, I just don't know.  Well I went with it and I will have a good laugh when I see this page again.  If you need a laugh today, be my guest.

This just may be part of journaling and learning to let things roll of your back or even discovering something you weren't expecting.  I do feel a bit better at the end of this page then I felt at the beginning.
Learning new things is fun!

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  1. Lovely page - appears that the "there are no mistakes" of zentangle has taken on your journalphobia. Here's to more discovery.