Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Challenge #61 Golven

I had started this months ago and left it undone.  With the Un-Tangled weekend (which was a ton of fun and left my head bursting with new ideas)  and then a funeral to attend, I decided to finish this up instead of starting a new one.  I loved Mariët's tangle called GOLVEN the minute I laid my eyes on it. This is my ZIA for this week. Thank you Mariët for sharing your tangle.


  1. You are very welcome.
    I think you made a beautiful ZIA!
    The tangles combine very well together.

  2. Wow! This is really beautiful. I love how you made Popsicles so wavy :)

  3. Oh this is fabulous, I love your choices of tangles! The dark zig zag and wave really are stunning.

  4. Wonderfully beautiful. Whimsical in its nature!

  5. I love whatever the pattern in the front lower left is! They look like beautiful exotic flowers. The dark pattern adds a lot of strength, too.

    1. Gloria, those wonderful flowery things are actually called Popsicles which is a tangle made up by Michele Beauchamp.

  6. Nice! I love how it looks like a landscape from an alien world.